Lover’s Leap

    Lover’s Leap is a 1700-foot cliff with incredible panoramic views, from which some legends say a couple of slave lovers leaped to escape their master, who coveted the girl for himself.

    The view is as stunning today as it must have been when the legends were first created. There is now a small charge for visiting this breathtaking spot beside an old lighthouse. You can also find a restaurant, small museum, and an esoteric-yet-beautiful Cactus Farm with cacti so big, visitors carve their names into them!

    For the energetic, there is a 3 mile trail down to a narrow strip of beach where swimming is dangerous due to the depth of the water and the strong currents. On returning to the main road, there is a beautiful stone church that serves this small community. It is typical of the 19th century stone churches that are found all over the island that has more churches per square mile than any other country in the world.