Out in the ocean, where the water is only waist deep, sits a bar like no other.

Part of the adventure of the Pelican Bar is getting there.

Pelican Bar was constructed in 2001 on a sandbar off the south coast of Jamaica at Parottee Point, between Treasure Beach and Black River, approximately 400 yards from the shore and totally surrounded by water. It is a functioning bar offering beer and various local craftwork. Patrons are encouraged to catch their own fish and grill it on-site.

Built by hauling a few boards at a time from the coast on local fishing boats, Pelican Bar consists of two structures, the main bar and storage shed. The main bar is larger, lower to the water, and wider.

Snorkel, or wade, thru the waist high water in search of fish, conchs, and the ever-playful stingrays that dance in between and under the Pelican Bar.

Come enjoy a drink at the bar with Floyd, the owner, and follow up with a dip in the refreshing crystal clear waters.